Reiki For Animals


Reiki healing is wonderfully gentle and powerful, and perfect for both humans and animals. 

My name is Madeleine, and I’ve been a Reiki Master practitioner since 2005.  You may wonder how an animal responds to energy healing. The answer is, amazingly well. They have no concept of ‘psychosomatic’ or ‘placebo’. They tend to just accept and absorb the gentle healing process with calm and trust, allowing it to do its work and often falling asleep in the process.

Reiki works on a physical, mental and emotional level so it's very good for treating physical ailments at source, in the animal's emotional etheric body as well as easing physical ailments, for example, pain and reducing inflammation. It could also aid in recovery post-op, and encourage the healing in sick or injured animals, Reiki may also help ease stress and anxieties caused by emotional trauma or physical abuse. Healthy animals can also benefit as Reiki will help to maintain and balance their health. 

For animals at their end time, Reiki is a gentle way to provide comfort and ease their transition. Reiki is also a wonderful complement to standard medical treatments and should never be used as a subsitute for your vet's medical expertise.Each animal will respond differently to Reiki. So each treatment session is tailored to suit them, and not the other way around. 

 Rescue dogs, who have suffered abuse and distress and ill treatment, may blossom with the help of energy healing, which runs alongside the love and devotion of their new owners. 

 Horses seem to love Reiki, and will stand, lower lip drooping, as they soak up the energies.  Of course, if you wish to be attuned to Reiki yourself, then I offer courses for this which then enables you to heal and treat your own pet in your own time.

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Healing Puddy

 Cats, being very spiritually attuned creatures, are very sensitive to Reiki and will sometimes only tolerate it for ten or fifteen minutes. Reiki can be administered through cages and boxes. There need not be actual contact with the animal's body, and it can be given from several feet away if necessary

Being a Healer's Dog

My dog lived to be 14, something like 85 in doggie years! He had diabetes, arthritis, a heart murmur and blindness, and yet he still ate like a hog, barked for walkies, and had playful moments right up to the end.  Nico enjoyed regular sessions of Reiki, and I put his longevity down to the loving healing of this amazing energy which seemed to soothe and calm him on those days when he really felt his age. 

Loki is our current samoyed and as you can see, he adores his reiki.