What I believe in


Your body is designed to heal itself.  It does this every day, by renewing cells and regenerating tissues.

If you cut yourself,  it will heal automatically - unless of course, you or your immune system, gets in the way.  Every day and in every way, we inhibit our immune system by eating the wrong food, exposing ourselves to pollutants and stress and generally trying to live our lives.    

I believe that holistic treatments are vital to the well being of not just the body, but more importantly the mind, emotions and spirit.  

We can learn much from animals, who by their nature, cannot be fooled by placebos.   They respond amazingly well to Reiki, often falling asleep during treatment.  As a healer of both humans and pets, I'm always awed by the way animals react to the healing energy that we can all tap into.

I believe also that we are helped, by higher and divine energies, in our pathways in life.   Often, when I'm healing, I feel these presences around me, lending a helping hand, sometimes the loved ones in spirit  of the client,and most often my own healing guides.

Mostly, though, I believe in myself.  My journey on the healing pathway, and my capacity to help others.