Who I am



My name is Madeleine, and I'm a Reiki Master, teacher and holistic therapist.  

Since childhood I've always had a leaning towards spirituality and healing.  I'm now based in Eccles, Greater Manchester, and have been training and working as a Reiki healer and holistic therapist since 2005.  I trained as a reflexologist at the The Christie in Didsbury, where I also worked as a volunteer therapist for a while, helping cancer patients and their carers by providing healing Reiki and Reflexology in their Holistic Department.  I'm also a fully trained massage therapist.

I've been lucky enough to attain my Reiki 2nd, 3rd and Masters Teaching Degree with the wonderful Jennifer Rose Bennett, a Usui Reiki Teacher with experience in spiritual healing of over 30 years who has trained in the Shoden and Okuden levels with Japanese Reiki Master – Tadao Yamaguchi.  

The gentle, yet powerful energy of Reiki healing works on both humans and animals, and I have experience in working closely with dogs and horses.

My journey through life has been an  interesting and diverse one, often happy, sometimes traumatic, but always leading me in one direction; towards healing and spiritual development.  My lifetime experiences enable me to empathise with others with compassion and deeper understanding.