Most treatments and therapies are £30 per hour.   All therapies take place in my home unless otherwise stated.  My treatment room is on the first floor, so there is a steep staircase to negotiate.   I do not have disabled facilities.   

Please note that you must be 18 and over to receive my treatments.

Reiki Healing

£30 per hour.   

This is a hands off treatment and does not require you remove clothing.   Wear something loose and comfy.   There are no medical contraindications with Reiki but I will not treat anyone who is under the influence of drink or drugs.  If you have mental health issues such as Schizophrenia or severe Epilepsy then Reiki cannot help you.  If you have a pace maker, or are pre-op, or have broken bones that are not set, then you cannot have Reiki.


£30 per hour.  

You will have to remove all footwear, and it helps if you don't have ticklish feet!   

Please ensure you have no verrucas or fungal nail infections or athlete's foot, otherwise treatment cannot take place.

Pet Reiki

Prices from £20. 

If you come to my home, prices are £20 per session.   But this can often be more stressful for the pet than staying in their own home.

There is a £35 min fee for me to come to your home to treat your pet.   Treatment time varies, but is generally 20 to 30 minutes but sometimes longer.   This covers my travel time and fuel costs. You can bring your dog or cat to my home, bearing in mind I have a dog myself.   Cats must be in cat boxes. 

Please note that I only do house calls that are within a 10 mile radius of Eccles.

Crystal Healing

£20  for 30 minutes  

I use an etheric weaver to realign, cleanse and balance the chakras, and remove negative energies from the aura.

The etheric weaver I use is a quartz crystal wand wrapped in gold wire.   This treatment can be used as an add to your Reiki session for a reduced cost of £10.


Attachments & Negative Energy Clearance

Price  £35. 

Clearance of negative energies, attachments, psychic attack and  elemental entities is done with a combination of Reiki, Trance healing and the use of crystals.  Treatment takes approx 1 hour but may take longer.    I do not deal with presumed curses or hex.  A consultation is required before treatment can take place.   If I feel that I cannot remove or clear what is around you, no treatment will take place.

Whenever any of the above attachments are present, it is vital that the client  be prepared to work on themselves on a daily basis in order to keep themselves clear.   If you're not prepared to do this, I cannot help you.