Reiki Attunements

Becoming a Reiki Healer is both wonderful and unique. It opens new channels of personal experience, development and spirituality as changes take place during and after each of the Reiki attunement degrees. Balancing of the emotional and mental state occurs as you let go of limitations that hold you back or prohibit personal  and spiritual development.

Reiki offers transformation of ourselves into enhanced love and compassionate energies and works on almost every aspect of our wholeness, and the greater good of ourselves and others.  

Learning Reiki is suitable for most people of all ages and walks of life over the age of 18 years old.  Reiki is not suitable for people who are currently experiencing mental health concerns or deep personal emotional or mental trauma.  It is not suitable where people are currently experiencing drug and alcohol addiction or use. This is for people who want to help themselves, their loved ones and all sentient beings.

This is a two day course starting at 12 noon til 5.30pm.   To include full training, certificate, 1st degree manual with on-going mentoring available. The History of Reiki from Japan to the West. The Reiki Principles.  4 attunements to Usui Reiki 1st degree. Reiki self-healing and working with family and friends. Working with animals. Aura Scanning for blocked Life force. Reiki hand positions.  Give and receive a full treatment. Foundation knowledge of the meridian and chakra systems. Metaphysical connections between the body and illness. Meditations and energy work to clear, ground, centre, and connect to the source of Reiki. Cost £170

This is a two day course commencing at 12 noon til 5.30pm.  To include full training, certificate, 2nd degree manual with on-going mentoring available.

Attunement to Reiki 2nd degree. Knowledge and application of the 3 Reiki symbols. Reiki mental/emotional technique. Absent or distant healing techniques. Healing negative thought patterns.  Creating sacred space or space clearing with Reiki. Releasing negative entities from people and places. Meditations and energy work.  Cost £200

This is the Master Practitioner Degree.

The course is held over one day, and is suitable for the 2nd degree healer who wishes to expand their practice of Reiki. 12 noon til 5pm.  Cost  to include full training, certificate, ART manual. Attunement to the 3rd degree. Knowledge and application of the 4th Reiki symbol. Advanced Reiki healing grid. Reiki psychic surgery.  Etheric cleansing with crystals and weavers.  Advanced meditation and energy practice.   Cost £180.

Usui Reiki Master Teacher 

The Masters Class is held over 2 days  12 noon - 6pm.  The Reiki Master student will be expected to fulfil teacher training on my future courses for a minimum of  six months. There is no additional fee for this, only your commitment to uphold all the teachings and integrity of Reiki in all your future classes.  After this final attunement you will be able to teach and attune others.  Cost £550

My Reiki Lineage

A personal Reiki lineage shows your training from Mikao Usui down to your Reiki teacher.

Dr Mikao Usui
Dr Chijiro Hayashi
Mrs Takata
Phylis Lei Furomoto
Pat Jack - Carol Farmer
Cheri Prasuhn - Leigh Smith
William Lee Rand
Hazel & Graham Raven
Jennifer Rose Bennet

As a healer and teacher  I'm committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards in Reiki Training. Giving students all the in depth information needed to become competent and skilled Reiki healers is vital. Courses are facilitated in small groups of two to four max.  To discuss Reiki healing you are welcome to call for further information.

Contact:  07837016125